Product Name: Self-adhesive labeling machine for vertical bottle
Specifications: TH-ATLB80
Product details:
Self-adhesive labeling machine is new generation machine based on mechanical-electrical integration design. The machine features of simple structure and suitable principle, it is designed and manufactured specially in accordance with process and technical requirements of automatic labeling machine, it can make self-adhesive label at the surface of bottle smooth and beautiful. The labeling process is constant and reliable. The labeling position is in conformity with ideal requirement; it is also equipped with automatic function of printing code.
The machine paste self adhesive label on the bottle body through rolling, if meet lacking bottle, the control system of the machine do not send label paper. So it can save label paper, it is can also adjust its yield capacity through stepless means in accordance with specification and characteristic of bottle and label paper.
Main technical parameters:
Specification Of Label:  label roll outside diameter≤300mm ,the max width of label roll is 70mm , label roll inside diameter is 76mm
Specification Of Label: 25-70mm (width)
Specification Of Bottle: Diameter:φ20mm-φ100mm
Output: 100 bottles/min (high speed ) 10-140bottle/min(depend on its diameter of bottle and the length of label paper)
Power Consumption: 250W
Weight             200Kg
OVERALL DIMENSIONS(L×W×H) 1800×700×1200mm
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