Product Name: High-speed Inkjet Printer
Specifications: TH-HIP200
Product details:

Product Characteristics:
1.The bar code printer input information by editing,inputing,addressing and savingt through keyboard.
2.Humanity.The optimized and simple Chinese interface make operation more freely.
3.Environmental.The close circle system decrease the opportunity to the outside,preventing the pollution
of the ink effectively.
4.The delicate stainless steel box meet the standard of IP55,against the tide,dust and heat-proof,which can
coordinate production lines in any industry;The close nozzle and the rust-proof and resisting high
temperature ethylene pipe can prevent dust and water in any vile environment.
5.The nozzle design of anti-clogging,the multiple filter system and the fuction of automatic hydraulic
pressure washing when opening and closing, prevent the dust and steam from oustside,which
effectively settle the problem of nozzle.
6.Conformed to the national condition integrated circuit design,you don’t need to worry about voltage and
strong electricity interfere.
The scope of application:
It is applied for the surface coding in various shapes of bottles and irregular objectives and it’s widely
used in medical, cosmetic ,food and other industries.
Voltage: AC220V,50/60HZ
Power: 500W
Dimension: 370(L) ×260(W) ×550(H) mm
Weight: 30KG
Surrounding temperature: 5-45°C
Surrounding humidity: under90%
Printing rows: 1-4 lines,1-5lines(including 3 lines)
Word lattice:5×5, 5×7, 9×7, 12×10, 16×12, 24×18, 32×24
Printing content:applied for combined print (Chinese,English and number), date of manufacture, batch
number, badge mark ,design, date due,number of fights,etc
Printing speed: 1811 characters/min(5×5),1400 characters/min(5×7)
Printing distance: 30 mm(maximum distance from nozzle to objects)

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