Product Name: High platform Winders
Specifications: TH-ATW
Product details:

Product Details:
Product Details:
1)      Suitable for material: PE (HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, MLLDPE,PS,PA......)
2)      It is free to change friction and center, auto tension control.
3)      Auto change, simple and stable operation, suitable for various industrial products.
4)      Color touch screen ,PLC,Auto change  
5)      Auto load for automatic air shaft transfer, air shaft acceleration
6)      Roller width: 300~2800mm
7)      Thickness of film: 0.06~0.4mm
8)      Machine speed: 10~150m/min
9)      Maximum finish roll diameter up to 1000
10)     Can be customized
            * High platform Winders   (single) or (double)
            * Low platform Winders    (single) or (double)

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